We offer International Bridging Finance  and European bridging finance for France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom as well as many more countries around world. The UK has one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world and because of that there are a large number of banks, non bank lenders, private institutions and also private High Net Worth individuals that are happy to put their money to work in the UK. Here at Platinum Global Bridging Finance we mainly offer international commercial bridging finance to our clients purchasing high value European property and businesses that require fast financing while we arrange their commercial mortgage. We can also offer residential bridging finance through a select number of our lenders on renovations of mid to high value properties being converted into residential properties from commercial units. There are also a number of lenders that are happy to offer international development finance for large scale developments throughout western Europe, United States, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom

International Bridging Finance and Europe

The use of international bridging finance is quite different in Europe compared to the UK uses of bridging finance. In Europe each country has certain differences in how they view the property markets and so have different rules about how their country uses and treats bridging finance. Even though all the countries are in the same jurisdiction namely Europe each one has pre-Europe conditions that have been passed down many generations. This is why there is such a difference between the individual property market rules in each European country with regards to residential and commercial property.

How Many Types Of International Bridging Loans Are There?

There are only two main types of bridging loans: open bridging loans and closed bridging loans:

Open bridging loans are for those who haven’t yet agreed finance sources (e.g. a principal agreement for the sale of your house, but nothing contractual).  Because of the risk, open bridging loans tend to be slightly more expensive than closed bridging loans.

Closed bridging loans are for those who have already exchanged contracts, pre-agreed a concrete offer of a mortgage from a bank, and generally guarantee paying back the loan in the near future. Because of this, closed bridging loans are generally more affordable and charge lower interest than open bridging loans.

Why Use An International Bridging Loan?

  • In the short term, large bridging loans are easy to arrange and often funds can be released within a short period, as little as 24 hours.
  • The scope of bridging finance means that they can help bridge business funding gaps while longer-term finance is arranged.
What Can International Bridging Loans Be Used For?


Residential/Commercial/Mixed Use



Office Buildings/Office Towers


Retail/Retail Parks


PRS / Build to Rent

Development Exit Bridge


  • To renovate a commercial property into residential premises
  • Bridge a business sale when funds are needed quickly
  • Used as temporary financing before placement of commercial finance
  • Paying a tax bill
  • Financing a new startup or business
  • As an alternative to invoice finance
  • Commercial business auction finance
  • Extending a business lease


  • Home-movers (payment gap between purchasing and selling)
  • Quickly renovating a home to then sell on
  • Buying at auction
  • Settling a divorce
  • Refinancing other loans

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International Bridging Finance May 20, 2020