Senior Loans – Western Europe UK and Nordics

Companies have varying objectives for using senior debt loans.  Senior term debts are used to raise capital for specific, and often temporary objectives such as acquisitions, buyouts, refinancing, recapitalization’s or fixed asset purchases, which will require a huge lump sum. Senior term debt will spread these expenses, which are fairly large, over several years and will be matched by the cash flows the company will generate, so the company can make timely payments. Some senior loans only require paying the interest, where the initial principal is paid as a balloon payment at the end of the loan term. The difference is that in a bullet payment, the repayment may contain both interest and principal amounts. Senior loans are products provided our non bank lenders and are secured as a first charge against the commercial property owned by the company or individual.


Senior Loans – Western Europe UK and Nordics January 31, 2020