Stock Loans

You can use stock loans to borrow against any single stocks rather than tap into other assets such as property. Its seen a much more beneficial lending alternative to selling your shares and you can use credit as a valuable funding tool. This can be personal or company borrowing against your stock holding. Liquidating a stock portfolio built up over time or other assets prematurely may compromise your long-term investment goals, so borrowing funds may be a better strategy to preserve your assets and take advantage of investment opportunities.

If you are an investor with a reasonable sized single stock amount we can help you to be able to borrow against you stock loans to help free up vital cash flow funding.

  • We can source finance from £50,000 to £500m against your stocks. Can finance lower lending amounts if shares are highly liquid and blue chip on major stock exchanges.
  • Stock loans up to value up to 70% loan to value for blue chip portfolios
  • Securities loans considered on highly liquid and average liquidity stocks
  • Acceptable securities are blue chip shares on any exchange and highly liquid
  • Loans can be drawn down in GBP Sterling, Euro & US Dollar
  • Custody can remain with 3rd party or lenders custodian can be used
  • Margin loan with recourse ( NON title transfer )
  • Term Up To: 36 months ( early repayment allowed with full loan interests payable )
  • Loan rates from : 2.5% pa fixed
  • Interest servicing usually monthly or quarterly .


Stock Loans January 4, 2022